• Shandong Xinhao Chemical Co., LTD
  • Add: Xincheng town,Huantai village,Zibo city,in Shandong
  • URL:www.osinlab.com www.osinlab.com
  • Tnternal trade department
  • Mobile: +86-13705338051
  • Tel:+86-533-8889066
  • Fax:+86-533-8889799
  • E-mail:info@xinhaochem.com
  • Foreign Trade department
  • Mobile: +86-15553305177
  • Tel:+86-533-8886364
  • Fax:+86-533-8889799
  • E-mail:sales@xinhaochem.com
  • Zibo Xinyu Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Add: Tonghua Road 137 Huantai Zibo
  • Tel: +86-533-8888243
  • Fax: +86-533-8210153
  • E-mail:info@xinhaochem.com
  • URL:www.xinyu.com.cn

             Spirit of our Enterprise:Exceeding ourselves to seek for excellency

             Concept of Operation:Progressing determined to devote ourselves to society

             Style of Our Enterprise:A quick reaction,an immediate action

             Concept of Management:People-centered concept for a strict and careful management

             Our Goal of Quality:Scientific management with quality as the base

             Concept of Service:Trust,respect and pragmatism





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