An overview to Angular 2, TypeScript and Advance JavaScript

JavaScript is client side scripting language. I hope many of you are used to write programs using JavaScript. In this series i want to share about Angular 2, TypeScript and advanced JavaScript development.


Many of you are working with Object Oriented programming(OOP) languages like Java, C++ etc. If we talk about object oriented programming, the first thing you need to start a program is a Class declaration. Even if you want write a simple program to written sum of two numbers or write a complex algorithm. The most commanly used design paterns in the industry also supports oop concepts. But in case of JavaScript it is not required to follow Object Oriented programming paradigm. As in each oop language class is most important thing in JavaScript function play role of a class.

In past JavaScript was only used in web development but this day JavaScript is also used Mobile Application Development too. Now this days JavaScript playing a huge role in UI(user interface), UX (user experience) and front end development.

Many JavaScript frameworks come in the light within a few years Like AngularJS, BackBoneJs, Sencha ExtendedJS, ReactJS, Vue.js and many more. This bring a greate revlouion in JavaScript Development.

Now this days Angular become very famous and used in many applications. Angular also playing an important role in hybrid mobile application development and used with PhoneGap, Ionic etc.

I am a big fan of Google’s AngularJs. Amngular 1 was initially launched in October, 2010 and the latest stable release of Angular 1.5.7 was held on June, 2016.Recently Angular  2 introduced. Angular 2 have features of ES6 and ES7. The performance and security related issues of Angular 1 are now resolved with Angular 2. Angular developers team chose TypeScript(A JavaScript built and maintained by Microsoft).

Angular 2

TypeScript was designed for development of large applications for client (AngularJS) and server side (Node.js) execution. TypeScript also transcompiles JavaScript. In simple words TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. I will discuss about TypeScript in my future post. TypeScript

Now, here i would like to explain some basic fundamentals need to start Object Oriented JavaScript and Advance JavaScript. After that we will start learning AngularJs2 and TypeScript. So we start with below points :-

  • Scopes And Closures
  • Class and Object
  • Methods

New topics will be added into this list in near future. Like us on FaceBook to get the updates

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