APS Standard Benefits for Service Providers

APS is world’s first Open Source Standard for Cloud Services. I had written about APS and benefits to developer  in my another post that can be seen here.

There are a number of  APS Standard Benefits  that come with the use of APS both to developers and service providers. Below as some of these benefits:

Benefits of APS to application Service Providers :-

  • Create User Friendly Cloud Application :-  Using the APS standard SP can create user friendly cloud services offering and can select from a wide range of cloud application. This will reduce the Application Life cycle cose.
  • Design and Sell Bundle of Cloud Service:- APS has a mechanism to search the resources utilized by other applications. Suppose you have more than one application. And an user is currently using one of your application then the APS will directly ask user to install and configure other service. APS take care about affiliate marketing for you and increase upsell and cross-sell capabilities.

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