How to choose right frameworks for you Next Project

There are to many paid and open source  Frameworks, CMS, E Commerce, Learning Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and many more tools available over the web and within a month new frameworks or CMS is launched. For example for last few years CodeIgniter was used allot. But CodeIgniter was not updated himself with the time and it is now moving out of market now like FuelPHP or Kohana. Same tragedy was happened with Prado and the developers present Prado in a new form as Yii. Which is full stack modern framework suitable for any application.

When i was a new bie, when i start the projects or learn new things. I search on the google and search for the frameworks used mostly. But after travel of 4 years in development. I start to think and understood that each framework has different features and tools. Before start a new project i do a little research to find best Suitable fretwork that suit the my need and fulfill all requirements of mine. For example a small application CodeIgniter is good, but for high traffic site i prefer Zend Framework 2 or Symfony 2.

Each of this framework follow the MVC pattern but each architecture and configuration is differ. For example CodeIgniter follow the classic MVC pattern but ZF2 and Symfony2 are fully modular and extensible.

  • CodeIgniter is suitable for small level to large level application.
  • ZendFramework2 is suitable for Medium to large level application.
  • Symfony2 is suitable for the High Performance Large level application.

In this days Test Driven Development methods are used for the development. For this Continuous Integration and PHPUnit Testing are used for each time. In my next post i will discuss about the Features and drawbacks of this frameworks one by one

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